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Roger Ely, owner of The Retirement Planners Of North Carolina Inc., has been offering comprehensive insurance strategies & products for almost two decades.

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“I’ve seen first hand what a lack of retirement planing can do to a family.”

Some years ago I witnessed the sad events leading up to my mother-in-law’s passing with Alzheimer’s. I watched as my father-in-law realized he hadn’t prepared for this and found out he would soon lose everything he’d saved as an inheritance for his kids just to pay the nursing home. You may be familiar with this scenario; it’s called MEDICAID SPEND-DOWN. In the Medicaid manual they even call the stay-at-home spouse the impoverished spouse. But that’s a discussion for another time

I reached out to a friend for help and thus began my 15 year journey of learning how to avoid or mitigate these events. I learned that Medicaid Spenddown is only one of a number of events that can wipe out your retirement savings. You’ll find 7 of these predators as you browse the website.

Disclaimer: I'm not a CPA, an Attorney or Real Estate Agent.
(I can refer you if you need these folks)

“But I am just the Retirement Planner you need for this moment in time!”

Remember I told you I reached out to a friend for help? Well, he did help. He was a veteran insurance agent specializing in Senior Estate and Retirement planning and he took me under his wing and taught me everything he knew about the Perfect Retirement Plan.

And now I’m offering you all that experience to help guide you through this Retirement minefield and keep your mind and money intact at NO COST TO YOU! I’ll use my vast experience, knowledge and resources to give you the confidence that you’re prepared for ALL the financial “What Ifs” of life and that your money will outlast you!

Would you like that?

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It only takes a few minutes and will give you valuable insights at no cost or obligation; you don’t even need to talk to an agent if you don’t want to. If you need assistance just request a call and I’ll be in touch.


Why Choose The Retirement Planners of North Carolina

  • Independent Licensed Annuity & Life Insurance pro for 2 decades. I represent many of the top Life Insurance companies.
  • Fiduciary
  • Insured
  • Better Business Bureau A+ rating
  • Google & Yelp 5 Star rating
  • 2 decades experience in Life Ins. & Annuities 
  • Specialized training in Estate & Retirement Planning
  • Specialized training in tax planning for IRAs & other qualified plans
  • My products grow your money with no loss of principal guaranteed.
  • Guaranteed Lifetime Income even if your account balance goes to zero.
  • Not one of my clients has ever lost a dime and neither will you! The only way your account can go down is if you reach in and pull money out.


Peter and Mary
{Roger is a caring and honest man that we have no reservations about referring to our family and friends.
Andrew and Lynn
{You'll find Roger very nice to work with and we think you'll feel comfortable with him. He's very knowledgeable and detailed. You'll be impressed with how his products can help you in more ways than one.
{If you're looking for straightforward communication and insightful guidance about annuities, then you're looking for Roger Ely.
{If you're looking for straightforward communication and insightful guidance about annuities, then you're looking for Roger Ely.
{From the moment I met Roger I found him to be approachable, easy to confide in and trustworthy.  I finally got my will, trust and powers of attorney in place with Roger's help.  He even recommended a very good lawyer to help me.  The Retirement Planners is really full service!
Helen and James
{My husband and I have always found Roger to be very well informed in his profession and able to help us select the best possible products for future success.  During our review, Roger found that my ex-wife was set up as my beneficiary which would not have made my wife very happy.  I'd have completely missed that if it hadn't been for Roger's attention to detail.  We highly recommend him and The Retirement Planners of NC.
Robert and Pattie
{Roger's knowledge and understanding on all aspects of finance & investments have allowed my husband and I to continue to grow our portfolio while living a comfortable life style from the earnings.  We have the security knowing we'll never run out of money.  What a relief!  Roger is an honorable man.  I consider myself lucky to call him a friend.
{Roger is a credit to his profession. His integrity is unquestioned and his care for his clients is unmatched. It is without hesitation that I whole-heartedly recommend his skills as a financial professional to you.

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