Retirement Predators and How to Stop Them

Retirement Predators And How To Stop Them

When was the last time your banker or broker showed you how to eliminate risk, reduce taxes & increase income or ask you how much you could afford to lose?

Does the falling stock market put you in a panic, does your blood pressure go up when you get your quarterly statements, or does your recent tax bill make you angry?

I haven't seen people this upset since the market fell in 2008 and it's upsetting. It's frustrating to hear about those of you who have worked so hard, for so many years, only to find yourselves frightened and worried. Especially when I know I can do something about it. It makes me sad to see so many of you truly concerned with how you are going to make your income last through retirement, when there are products that will meet the need; most people just don't know about them.

It irritates me to see our politicians avoid the issue of high taxes and how they affect our lifestyle and pile on with a new "Tax the Rich Bill" which will do nothing but increase inflation, raise prices on everyday items and act as a tax on the middle class and the poorest among us. We're now seeing the complete overhaul of our economy as we know it. It gets pretty discouraging doesn't it?

As retirees or soon to be, worrying about your financial future is not what you should be doing. You should be enjoying your families. You should be getting that wonderful peace of mind that comes from being in complete...

Financial Control!

Feeling in control of our lives brings the peace of mind we all want so badly and the feeling we have little or no control of our financial future can make life stressful. Sometimes it makes even breathing a chore.

Well, in this report I'm going to begin to help you take back control and help you restore your peace of mind. In the following, I'm going to lower the veil so you can see what your banker and broker won't tell you! You'll learn about 7 financial predators and how to avoid them. You'll also learn the 7 steps to the perfect retirement foundation. Lastly I'll give you a plan of action! Let's get started.


Can you guess the #1 predator that can take a fatal bite out of your retirement nest egg?

1) TAXES: Of course, you knew that didn't you?

Do you know what 2 classes of people pay taxes?

If you're like most people you've thought the rich & the poor. But in actuality it's the informed and the uninformed. We love to play the class envy card but I can show where the rich actually do pay more than their fair share of taxes.

Of the informed and uninformed who pays the most in taxes?

Of course, the uninformed. Could it be that the "rich" avoid paying some taxes because they're informed about ways to legally avoid taxes?

Do you know the difference between tax evasion and tax avoidance?

About 10‐20 years in prison. :) So let's get informed and look at the legal ways to avoid some taxes.

Can you tell me the only tax that affects senior citizens?


Maybe you weren't aware that your social security can be taxed.It all started with FDR who came up with the idea and made what came to be known as the "Golden Promise".

He promised never to tax social security benefits. What happened?! Well, HE DIED and the promise with him and in 1983 congress made it official. They set 2 levels at which to "confiscate" what THEY gave you.

  1. If you make, $25,000 as a single or $32,000 as a couple, 50% of your social security benefits go into the taxable column.
  2. As if that weren't bad enough, in 1993 under the Clinton administration we had, what was at that time, the largest tax increase in history. They played the class envy card and went after the "rich" again. The new levels were $34,000 as a single and $44,000 as a couple. Any idea to what percentage the rate went up? Try 85% of social security "BENEFITS" goes into the taxable column; some benefit!

Thankfully there are some ways to reduce or eliminate this tax altogether. Without seeing your tax return I can only give you generalities but the bottom line is you have to reduce your taxable income to under the prescribed levels to reduce the tax.

One area to look at on your tax return is line 8a taxable interest. These are 1099's being generated by your various bank and brokerage accounts. This money can be moved into a "TAX FAVORED" account like a tax deferred annuity.

Some folks use municipal bonds but this creates a "sneaky" tax on line 8b. If you look at your return it says "tax exempt interest". If it's tax exempt why is it there? It's the interest earnings off your municipal bonds, which although not taxable in and of itself, it is used to inflate your income so it could possibly trigger the social security tax. That's why I call it a "sneaky" tax!

(More information can be found at or calling 919-818-3294)


I'll illustrate this with a story.

Jack and Ruth are on vacation up in Amish country in central Ohio. On the way back they stop in Virginia to fill up on "cheap" gas. Jack does what he always does and fills up the tank and Ruth runs in to get snacks and drinks for the remainder of the trip.

At check out, Ruth sees a big sign behind the clerk....PLAY LOTTO HERE! Well, Ruth doesn't usually waste money on the lottery but it is a holiday after all so she splurges and buys a $1.00 scratch off.

Lo and behold she wins...$1000.00.

She runs out to the car to give the good news to Jack. He's excited as well and wastes no time getting back to North Carolina where they immediately go see her brother, Richard,the banker, to ask him what to do with the money.

He tells them to put it in a little thing called a CD. (of course you know what CD stands for don't your?)


Richard told them they could get a whopping 5% rate of return on their shiny new CD.

Time goes by and a year later Richard called Jack to inform him that he had earned $50 and asked him what he wanted to do with the money; roll it over or take the cash?

Jack called up to his wife to ask her. She said they hadn't been out for a while so why not take the cash and go out for a nice meal.

Richard said he'd be right over with the cash. (Of course your bank gives you this kind of treatment don't they? of course not! they send a letter in the mail and you have a week to respond or the cd rolls over and you're stuck again for another year. ugh!)

Richard came and gave the $50 to Jack. Jack had no sooner closed the door than there was a knock on the door. Guess who it was? It was the IRS.

They asked Jack if he'd made or created a gain this past year he showed them the $50. The IRS said, "You owe us 27%!" And Jack handed it over.

Well Jack wasn't feeling quite as festive now and closed the door. No sooner had he done so than there was another knock at the door. Who do you think it was this time? you guessed it! The State tax agent! They informed Jack that he owed them 7% and so he forked it over.

He then went to the stairs and told Ruth to dress down they'd have to go to McDonalds for their "nice" meal. But just then there was a knock at the door...who this time? It's the kids! They heard there was a windfall in the house and they came to share in it.

Funny story? Not so much the outcome. Of course the moral of the story is, "Never play the Lottery?" Not really. But it illustrates that CD's are truly a certificate of disappointment and not the best place for seniors to keep a lot of their retirement nest egg.

You see you start with 5% but then you get a 1099 every year for the earnings whether you use the money or not. Quickly a 5% CD becomes 3.35%. But that's not the worst of it.

We never consider inflation, which is running at 7%. So the real rate of return is ‐3.65%. How does that make you feel?

Do you know when the best time was to own a CD? It was back in 1981. You could get a CD for 16.93%. Know what the taxes were? Try 59% with inflation running 9.94%.

The real rate of return was a ‐2%

Guess your banker didn't tell you that did he? Now you know why we say CD's are not the best place for seniors to have their money.

The best place for you funds is in a tax deferred product like a tax deferred Fixed or Fixed Indexed Annuity. (Not variable as that puts you at risk of market loss.)

With an FIA, you won't get a 1099 so you don't send those taxes away and it compounds to your benefit. Also, you don't have to wait for that 5 day window to access your money without surrender charges; you'll had access day one, with some products!

(For more information on this topic call me, Roger Ely, at 919‐818‐3294)

Before I go on with a couple more tax issues, let me tell why it's so important for you to eliminate these "leaks" in your financial bucket. It's called OPPORTUNITY COST.

When you send a dollar away in the form of a tax (or a loss), you don't just lose the tax but you also lose what that money could have earned for you had you not had to send it to the government. You lose the opportunity for triple compounding; making interest on your money, interest on the interest and interest on the money you would have sent away as a tax. It can be quite a healthy sum.

Now let's look at another tax issue.


The estate tax can be devastating to your family. It can start at 40% and quickly jump to 50%, it's due after the second spouse's death and has to be paid within 9 months. That's why you see "fire" sales, where the kids have to sell everything just to pay the tax. Fortunately this is a "voluntary" tax and can be avoided with a little bit of planning.

As married couples we each have an estate tax exemption. Right now in 2022 the exemption is $12.06 million. So most of you will not have to worry about it. But the current administration is trying to change that:

  • Reduction of the estate and gift tax exclusion currently at $11.7 million to $3.5 million
  • Imposition of capital gains tax on appreciated assets transferred during life or at death so no stepped up value to heirs.

You may think your estate isn't large enough for this to be a problem but consider this; take your total estate and double it every 10 years (the equivalent of making a 7.2% rate of return) and you could have a problem. Bear in mind that if all you have is a will, you'll lose your spouse's exemption when he or she dies.

Take a couple with an estate of $600,000. In 10 years at @ 7.2% rate of return they'd have $1,200,000. In another 10 years, $2,400,000. In another 10 $4.8 million. Now they could have an estate tax problem. One way around this is to have a revocable living trust with an A/B provision. This keeps the exemption in place for each person when one dies.

Other planning tools are:

  • *Qualified Personal Residence Trust (QPRT)
  • *Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT) (did you know the face value of your life insurance is included in your estate for tax purposes?),
  • *Gifting up to $15,000 for each spouse to any number of individuals.

(To learn more go to or ph. 919‐818‐3294)

Let's deal with one more tax issue before we move on to predator #2.


Of course you know what IRA stands for don't you? Individual Retirement Arrangement. Isn't that what they told you? I think it's more appropriately called an Internal Revenue Account.

Most of us forget that we're not just going to pay tax on what we put into the account but on the growth as well. And not at the tax bracket we were in when we started the account, but at today's tax bracket, which is probably higher.

If you have a 401k, it's taxed on what you put in, what your boss put in and all the growth up to now. (By the way, if you're still in a 401k, and you've retired or changed companies you're in danger! It should be moved to a self directed IRA so you have complete control of the funds. Can you say ENRON? Enron went bankrupt and everyone lost their 401ks)

Also you can't get to the money in a 401k till your 59 ½ years old (or pay a 10% penalty without special conditions being met) and if you don't take it after that, when your 72, the government makes you take it out in the form of RMD's or Required Minimum Distribution and pay the tax. But that's not the bad news.

The bad news is that when you die and it passes to your heirs, unless the account is set up properly, your heirs will have to pay regular income tax on the FULL ACCOUNT balance AND estate tax if applicable. In other words, they could lose 40-80% of your IRA. Is that you had planned for your heirs? I doubt it!

Our benevolent leader recently changed the "Stretch IRA" provision for your heirs to be able to stretch their inheritance over their lifetime to avoid paying the taxes all at once. The best they can do now is spread the payments over 10 years and that's if your custodian allows that provision.

Let's move on to Predator #2


Did you know that the annual cost of nursing home care is now around $95,000? Shocking isn't it? Have you thought about how you're going to cover the cost? Oh, I can hear you now: "I'm never going into a home!" "I'll do myself in first!!" But if you have Alzheimer's, you'll never know, will you? 66% of us will wind up in a nursing home for some length of time and 22% of those for longer than 3 years.

Maybe you think the government will pay for it; there is "Medicaid" isn't there? Right now there is, but who knows in the future. Plus the laws were changed in 2007 changing the look back period for gifting to 5 years from 3 and provided for mandatory state recovery of whatever Medicaid paid that the estate could have paid. Remember Medicaid is not an entitlement; it's a loan that has to be paid back by the estate. Here's how it works.

When you go into a home they do an audit of your estate. There's a countable column and a non-countable column. Anything in the countable column has to be "spent down" first before Medicaid steps in to pay the bill.

In the countable column goes your, income, stocks, bonds, IRA's, CD's, mutual funds, real estate, and cash value life insurance. Things they can't count are spouse's income, 50% of the estate up to $117,000, 1 car, 1 house, burial plot, $1500 in cash value life insurance and a properly structured annuity called Medicaid Qualified Annuity. THAT'S ALL YOUR SPOUSE CAN KEEP! How does that make you feel? I have a complete program I can run for you with your figures, if you'd like to see the impact this would have in your particular situation. Again, it's free for the asking. For now let me give you some ways to handle this problem:
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Modified Endowment contract
  • Medicaid Qualified Annuity
  • Medicaid Qualified Trust
  • Reverse Mortgaging
  • Gifting
  • Put money back into house
  • Annuity w/ long term care rider

These are a few ways to overcome Medicaid spend down. (More information is available by calling me, Roger Ely, at The Retirement Planners Of North Carolina 919-818-3294)


Can you guess the 4 evils of Probate? Here they are:
  • Cost: from 4%‐8%
  • Time: takes from 9 to 2 yrs.
  • Public: Your info can be obtained at the courthouse and over the internet.
  • Contestable: Anyone can contest the will at anytime increasing the cost, time and delays.

If all you have is a will, chances are you will go through probate. Here is a legal package every senior MUST have to avoid this and other problems.
  • *Revocable Living Trust w/ A/B provision (RLT)
  • *Power of Attorney for finances
  • *Power of Attorney for health
  • *Living Will
  • *Pour-over will

If you don't have an attorney, I have one that will put together this entire package for a little over $1000 for a couple.

Another way to avoid probate is the use of Annuities and Life Insurance. Because they have beneficiaries, they will pass directly to the heirs and AVOID probate

(Please contact a qualified attorney. If you don't have one, call me at 919‐ 818‐3294 for a recommendation.)


If you've been in the stock market for any length of time, I don't have to tell you what a predator it can be. Tell me, why did you get in the stock market? It was probably to make high rates of return. If you keep chasing high returns, you'll inevitably take on more risk, which as seniors is exactly what we need to avoid to ensure we have income for life. And you're taking on all this risk, why?

Did you know that the effective rate of return for the last 10 years in the stock market are only 12%? Many clients I meet are making far less than that and barely keeping up with inflation. I have one FIA that averaged 11.2% with no risk of loss.

Have you thought about the fact that every time your account goes down due to market corrections, you have to make that back before you can start "earning" more?

How 'bout the fact that if the market goes down 44% it takes 66% to get "even" again? Not to mention the fact that you just lost almost half your portfolio, which could take years to get back, if ever.

Several years ago I met a lady in her 70's, still in her 401k during the collapse of 2000‐2003. She lost over 50% of her retirement savings. How would you like to have to contemplate going back to work at age 70? Not a happy thought.

So what if I told you there was a product you could put your money in that would give you market like returns with absolutely no downside risk of losing your retirement savings and a guaranteed lifetime income even if the account balance went to zero. Would you be interested? Here it is:


If you're in the stock market your account can go one of 3 ways right? - up, down or stay the same. With a Fixed Indexed Annuity your account can go up with an index, or stay the same but it can never go down - NEVER! In fact the only way your balance can go lower is if you reach in and pull the money out for your benefit or buy an elective rider. Since you never take a loss, while others are trying to get back "even" from a loss, you're happily making new gains in the account having never suffered a loss to begin with. Remember Opportunity Cost? Well it works here as well. If you never have to "send" money out of your account in the form of a loss, you can continue to make interest on that money. In fact with the new "Hybrid" annuities you can get things like:

  • *Guaranteed income for life (as high as 9% of your income value annually depending on age)
  • * up to 6% minimum guarantee on the income account
  • *5‐10% bonuses on initial premium.
  • Surrender free access to your money, (unlike CD's) Usually 10%/yr after the first year
  • *100% of your account surrender free for long term care
  • *100% of your account surrender free for death benefit
  • *100% of your account surrender free for for terminal illness
  • *100% of your account surrender free for in home health care (varies by company)

What if you can't get Long Term Care Insurance? Maybe it's too costly or your health is bad and you can't get underwritten. How 'bout an annuity that will double your lifetime guaranteed payout for as long as you need long term care - regardless of health? THAT'S SOME POWERFUL STUFF isn't it?

Oh, I can hear what you're saying now, "That sounds too good to be true!" Am I right? How many times have you said that in your life? Maybe when they came out with the microwave, or cell phones, or camera phones, or video phones, or name your technology. We say this about things that are new - that we're not familiar with. Although they've been around for awhile now, your banker or broker won't tell you these facts because they don't sell them.

If you'd like to stop worrying about your financial future, the ups and downs of the market, whether you'll have enough money to last a lifetime, just call me, Roger Ely, 919-818-3294 and I'll give you a complete free, no obligation analysis of your retirement funds and how you might benefit from the addition of a Fixed Indexed Annuity.

(go to and fill in the questionaire)


One of the most devious of all predators are the people you trust, family members and friends who like to give advice and know everything about everything and bankers and brokers who are supposed to be fuduciaries and know everything about everything but all too often don't.

Some time ago I worked with a couple who were losing money in their brokerage account, on their low interest CD's, and were tied up in a bad annuity (and there are some bad ones out there.)

They needed $35,000 annually to make ends meet. I showed them how to use a Fixed Indexed annuity to their advantage and guarantee $35,000 in income for life, double that to $70,000 for long term care, saving their heirs (their kids) hundreds of thousands in taxes and turn it into over $1,000,000 in income over their lives. It was perfect for them and they signed the contract.

Unfortunately, that weekend they told their kids what they'd done and the kids blew up and talked their parents out of it. It cost the kids their inheritance but more sinister is the fact that at the rate they're losing money in the market and spending, they'll be out of money in nine (9) years.

The moral - be careful who you take advice from. What are their credentials? Most people have an ego and like to think they know it all. If you take a little time to study the issues, with my help I'm sure you can make an intelligent decision. This isn't rocket science!

Bankers and brokers aren't always reliable either. They don't want you to move your money to safety. If you do, they won't get paid! You may have heard them say, " You can't move your money now or you'll be locking in your losses or "The market always comes back." Yes, it does but when? Do you have time to wait to recoup your losses? It took 26 years during the Great Depression to get back even. As to locking in losses, think about that. The only way you could lock in losses is if you put it into an account making nothing or under your mattress! Not a good idea. A Fixed Indexed Annuity locks out LOSSES and gives you new gains right away.

(If you want the up to date facts, on any of these issues, call me, Roger Ely at The Retirement Planners of NC, Inc 919-818-3294 or go to )

7 ways to avoid the predators!

A good hunter plans for the unexpected. He prepares a survival kit. He has water, rations, shelter etc. He's not assuming failure but should the worst happen he's prepared.

Your financial survival plan requires the same level of thoughtful planning to be successful. If you don't know what you're planning for, you just might not get what you want (or need)!

You have to start with the end in mind. That means taking several things into account: what do you want your retirement to look like; where do you want to live, are you homebodies or globe trotters, do you have hobbies you enjoy, what do they cost? These are but a few of the many considerations that go into a successful financial foundation. "Plan your work and work your plan."

Here are 7 key elements that you need for the perfect retirement financial foundation:

  1. SAFETY: Make sure you can never lose any of your retirement savings unless you decide to spend it for your benefit. A good rule of thumb is the rule of 100: 100 less your age is the percentage you have at risk. Ex: if your 70 only 30% of your assets should be at risk.
  2. LIQUIDITY: Complete use and control of the money you have. (If you lose money in the market not only is it no longer safe but it's a loss of liquidity PERMANENTLY!) CD's only give you surrender free access 5 days or so out of the year. What do you think the chances are that if you need the money it will happen in those 5 days? With FIAs, many times you'll see complete liquidity within a couple years and 10% surrender free available in yr two.
  3. TAX FAVORED STATUS: Putting your money in a position to avoid taxes both now and in the future as it passes to your heirs. Using tax deferred investments rather than those that generate a 1099 every year whether you use the money or not (i.e. Brokerage accounts, CD's etc.) Also make sure you IRA's can be taken over the allowable 10 years".
  4. AVOIDANCE OF PROBATE: Put your legal package together NOW!! A will is good but a Revocable Trust is better in most cases. Moving assets into annuities or life insurance will also avoid probate.
  5. NURSING HOME PROTECTION: There are many ways to help with this problem from Long Term Care insurance to Annuities w/long term care riders and others listed previously. Don't leave your spouse with no protection from this crippling predator!
  6. GOOD RATES OF RETURN: I can show you products that will give you as high as 6% minimum guarantees with no chance of loss. To me good returns are 6-16%. Would you sacrifice a few percentage points to get everything I've shown you in this report?
  7. GUARANTEED INCOME STREAM YOU CAN NEVER OUTLIVE: All of us fear running out of money. I believe the oldest person to live just died at age 114. None of us think we'll live that long but if you do, will the money last? I can show you how to get as much as 9% of your accumulated savings converted to guaranteed lifetime income and still make good rates of return on the balance so there's money left to go to the heirs. With $1,000,000 at age 70 you could get $70,000 with the opportunity of more as the balance grows and in 10 years still have $1,000,000. This is a perpetual money machine!! (based on minimum guarantees not speculation)

There you have it, the perfect Retirement Financial Foundation. Does yours look like this or are there holes in the bucket?



Or, in other words, they found out how to make a plan to avoid the predators. You can create the same kind of blue print by first learning how to...

  1. Establish realistic goals. Be specific about what you really want. Plan for every detail and you'll get what you want.
  2. Take a true look at where you are We all know upgrades we'd like to make in our home; things that would make life easier. We also know those things that are a constant irritation (like getting your brokerage statement only to see another loss!)
  3. Hire the right "Guide" (advisor). This can make all the difference in the outcome. I know how to help you take the, worries out of your financial future and help you reach your destination in record time by avoiding the predators.
  4. The important thing is to start! Not tomorrow or next week. NOW! TODAY! Don't wait; call me today while this is fresh in your mind.

You see, a personal survival guide for your retirement is one of the least used, and misunderstood areas of personal finance! Most people spend more time planning their vacation than their financial future.

Most of us make decisions based on intuition, impulse, fear, listening to well meaning, but misinformed friends or relatives, etc. Or we listen to brokers, bankers, so called pundits, yes, even insurance agents that only have their own interests at heart. You'll know them when you meet them. The conversation usually goes something like this, "How much do you have, where do you have it, what's your rate of return? Oh, I can do better than that!" But at whose risk? Yours, of course! There is a better way and I can show it to you! I act as a fiduciary working for your benefit.
Designing this financial survival plan for yourself is the secret that may change your life forever. I solve the problems other Bankers, Brokers, Advisors or agents have created for you.
I know, because over the years, I have helped many families design and follow their "survival guide" to a more restful life; a life that is under financial control and gives them peace of mind.

And, I also know that without this guide, people may never arrive at their destination, at least not in one piece or at peace.

I trust you see the value of this knowledge?

Do you see how critical it is to know the dangers before you "step in the woods"?

Here's another way to look at this.

Before a doctor can successfully treat a patient, he has to make a diagnosis; only then can he determine the appropriate treatment. Granted, the examination process can be a bit uncomfortable for the patient - no one likes the vulnerable feeling you get when you're told to "undress and slip on this gown." Yet if health is the goal, you do what you have to do, don't you? You see somethings are not personal's professional as well.

Likewise, in order to take the first step towards building a successful financial foundation, we need to perform a diagnosis, to see what "ails you!"

Now here's what I'd like to offer you:


I will do something your doctor wouldn't do... provide you with an initial consultation at no charge! And no, it will not be a disguised sales presentation or a pitch of any kind, except a brief (half hour or so) time to review any financial concerns you may have so I can point out the issues and offer solutions.

And that's it!

If, at the end of our visit, you do not feel like I can help you, or heaven forbid you don't like me, or that you just want to keep doing what you're doing, etc., that's fine; we'll part friends.


You see, I've learned a critical fact:



I can't think of a better way to work. Can you? Believe me, I could not work with so many retirees and other clients and move millions of dollars annually, if I was doing anything to make them uncomfortable! They wouldn't put up with it for a second!

If you're still skeptical, or have a question or two, feel free to give me a call. You will find that when we talk, there will be zero push or pressure.

If you are really not interested or ready, that's fine. If you want to talk, that's OK too. If you'd like to meet in person, and have someone present, your lawyer or accountant or family member perhaps, that's fine as well or with today"s technology we can do a Zoom meeting.

You have to understand that I love helping new clients discover things they've never known before, and because of that, I am hired by new clients each month as their Insurance agent & Retirement advisor.

Because I have a steady volume, I never accept clients that aren't really excited and interested in rebuilding their future. I've been in Christian ministry all my life and I enjoy seeing people's lives change for the better. I'm looking for people who are excited and looking forward to finally:

Taking back control of their life Through Planning!

This truly is an extension of my ministry and life is too short to "fight" people who don't really want to PLAN FOR THE FUTURE.

I hope this discussion of building a foundation for your life's financial future makes sense. I also hope you are thinking a lot about your own life, and whether or not you feel in control of it, or whether it is controlling you!

Even if we never talk, I hope you'll begin to take a new view of your life. One that allows your natural joy and love to be the dominant forces so you and your family can have the best life possible.

I hope I have shown you how to get rid of those negative feelings and give you hope for a different future outcome.

As I said before, there is too much good in life, to let worry and frustration get in the way.

Planning is the best weapon to fight against the fears, doubts and

worries that all too often attack us and overwhelm us. Planning equips us with the FACTS that help us make wise decisions.


I'm guessing RIGHT NOW! I look forward to talking to you soon, and seeing where we go from here!

If you do decide to call me to have your FREE, NO OBLIGATION initial phone consultation, do it while it's still fresh in your mind, Roger Ely at the retirement planners of north carolina,inc 919‐818‐3294. I can quickly assess your current situation and tell you areas where there are "holes in the financial bucket", show you how to plug the holes and ease your bur-den of financial worry and stress.

May God bless you abundantly. Sincerely,

Roger H. Ely, President

P.S. Almost forgot to tell you the 7th and final Predator:


None of us like change and so we have a tendency to avoid it like the plague. It's been said that:

Change isn't always better, but better always requires change.

Here's another good saying attributed to Einstein:

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Sometimes change is inevitable. We can try to avoid change but what we resist tends to persist. Don't wait a minute longer. You have everything to lose if you don't call and nothing to lose and everything to gain, if you do. Call me now, Roger Ely, The Retirement Planners of NC, Inc., for your free financial foundation analysis. Ph 919-818-3294.

start now! some other time may be too late.

Note: I am not a CPA or lawyer or a securities agent so for accurate information on tax and trust issues or securities matters, as they pertain to your specific needs, please contact a licensed CPA or lawyer or securities agent. Any examples of potential returns may not be indicative of your future experience.

© Copyright 2010 Roger Ely. All Rights Reserved.