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This Retirement Planners Philosophy

So many people never find the time to plan for retirement and so find themselves nearing or in retirement only to find they won't have enough money to last. Almost worse than not planning is planning through traditional bankers and brokers who put your money at risk in the brokerage casino and you find your retirement grow and fall and grow and fall over your working years. What if the market crashes right before retirement like it has in the past and currently for so many investors. What's your plan; continue working and hope it doesn't happen again. Doing the same thing over and over again hoping for a different result is indeed insanity. What if you'd done things differently and never lost any of your retirement funds? What if you started ....NOW! I'm going to show you how at no cost to you.

I founded The Retirement Planners Of North Carolina to help folks just like you find peace of mind by showing how to create the PERFECT RETIREMENT FINANCIAL FOUNDATION (strategies & concepts your banker and broker won't show you) & how to create an income that is guaranteed for life even if the account balance goes to ZERO. I'm passionate about what I do for my clients! As a Christian and a Fiduciary, you can trust that everything I do is with your best interests at heart taking into account your goals, desires and future plans and NEVER putting your money at risk.

But first, You might be wondering how I'm qualified to guide you through this process. Well you see...


Some years ago I witnessed the sad events leading up to my mother-in-law's passing with Alzheimer's. I watched as my father-in-law realized he hadn't prepared for this and found out he would soon lose everything he'd saved as an inheritance for his kids just to pay the nursing home. You may be familiar with this scenario; it's called MEDICAID SPEND-DOWN. In the Medicaid manual they even call the stay-at-home spouse the impoverished spouse. But that's a discussion for another time

I reached out to a friend for help and thus began my 15 year journey of learning how to avoid or mitigate these events. I learned that Medicaid Spenddown is only one of a number of events that can wipe out your retirement savings. You'll find 7 of these predators as you browse the website.


I'm not a CPA, an Attorney or Real Estate Agent

(I can refer you if you need these folks)


Remember I told you I reached out to a friend for help? Well, he did help. He was a veteran insurance agent specializing in Senior Estate and Retirement planning and he took me under his wing and taught me everything he knew about the Perfect Retirement Plan.

My other qualifications:
  • Licensed NC Insurance pro
  • 16+ yrs experience in Life Ins. & Annuities
  • Specialize in estate & retirement planning
  • 16+ Yrs exp in tax planning for IRA's & other qualified plans
  • My products grow your money with no loss guaranteed.

And now I'm offering you all that experience to help guide you through this Retirement minefield and keep your mind and money intact at NO COST TO YOU! I'll use my vast experience, knowledge and resources to give you the confidence that you're prepared for ALL the financial "What Ifs" of life and that your money will outlast you!

Would you like that?

If you're nodding your head then follow this link https://us.planswell.com/discovery/adv-roger-5 to start the foundation for your new retirement plan. It only takes a few minutes and will give you valuable insights at no cost or obligation; you don't even need to talk to an agent if you don't want to. If you need assistance just request a call and I'll be in touch.

(Roger lives in Warrenton, NC with his wife of 50 years, Susan. They have 3 grown children and 7 great-grandchildren.)

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